Student Life @ UEA


It has been more than a month since I started my Nursing degree. My parents and friends often ask me if I like it, if it is too difficult, if there are any problems or challenges, if I have made new friends etc. So I thought it would be nice to reflect on my experience as a student so far. So here are some bullet-points on different aspects:

• Nursing degree – The course is demanding, the study load is challenging and the responsibility is great. By the end of Module 1 I need to write at least 9100 words in total in the form of assignments and essays. In addition, we make presentations about patients with various diseases. To be honest, I love everything I learn and I find my course extremely interesting. However, sometimes deadlines and academic requirements make things a bit scarier than they actually are. Either way, I just deal with it. -.-“

• Friends and social life – With such a great variety and diversity of people around you there is no way you will be lonely or bored. There are plenty of events, parties and social events to chose from and people to meet. I made friends with people from different nationalities and backgrounds which makes life so exciting. It is amazing how easy it is to make friends with people and enjoy even boring things like cooking, studying, shopping or cleaning. Going out or celebrating together is the best way to let the steam off. Movie nights, for example, are a great way to release stress and relax. 🐱


• Finances – If you can’t cook for yourself then you’re in trouble. An average lunch costs 5 pounds so spending 15 pounds a day for food will easily make you go bankrupt. Some of my flatmates can’t cook and neither can I. That is why I’m learning how to cook. Another thing to consider is your accomodation costs. If you’re living on campus then sharing a twin room is the cheapest option. However, privacy and having your own bedroom is best in my opinion. Lastly, instead of calling a taxi or taking the bus it would be nice to buy yourself a bike so you could go wherever you want and keep fit for free. 😀

• Relationships – If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend who lives in a different town/country then you could experience additional stress by missing him/her or even get depressed if you don’t get the chance to meet him/her often. Communication with your loved one is vital if you want to make your relationship work out well. Furthermore, being separated from your family might not be as great as you have thought it would be. The independence you gain brings responsibilities which you might struggle to face on your own. Stay in touch with your mom, dad and siblings. Remember that they miss you as well.



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