Greetings, December!


December is the last month of the year. For me this is a special month because it’s filled with some of the merriest celebrations of all: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

Christmas Day in particular is my favourite holiday since people exchange presents and gather together with their friends and family. Since most students at UEA go home for Christmas holidays we exchange gifts in advance. My lovely flatmate gifted me a chocolate Santa, whereas, I gave her a dress in pink since she loves clothes. Although most people are familiar with Santa Claus who brings presents to all the good children it is not the original meaning behind the celebration.


In Christian tradition Christmas is celebrated as the day when Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Usually, a few days earlier there is a Christmas sermon at church, children sing Christmas carols and make a play of the Nativity. Nativity is the birth of Jesus as it was described in the Bible and can be seen in the drawing which I made below. The tradition of exchanging gifts originates from the three wise men who came to worship the newborn baby Jesus by giving him presents (gold, olibanum and myrrh). Jesus was believed to be ‘the king of the Jews’ who will bring salvation.

10268701_707031889372484_6362592276945633450_n WP_20141202_010

During December most people stir up the spirit of Christmas by decorating their homes and listening to Christmas songs. Here’s one of my favourite songs:

Which are your favourite Christmas songs? Comment below and happy holidays! ^_^


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