lovely Japan

When I was in High School I laid my hands on a book about Japanese history. After reading it I felt interested in Japanese culture, language, food, traditions, people, beliefs etc.


When I completed my secondary-education I had two offers from two different universities in two different countries (The UK and Denmark):

1. University of East Anglia – BSc Adult Nursing


2. Copenhagen Business School – BSc Business, Japanese and Culture

Although I really enjoyed studying about Japanese culture in my free time, my dream was to become a nurse, therefore, I chose to study Nursing.

When I moved to the UK and started my degree I felt like studying Japanese language again. I joined Japan society and met new people who share the same interest as me. During the first meeting I arrived too early and there were only people who were speaking in Japanese. I felt extremely awkward, however, after some time other people from different nationalities came and the ice between us melted as we started talking.


A few weeks later I was invited to a house party where some very kind Japanese people cooked Japanese food for the guests. We ate ‘katsudon’ which is pork and rice. This was a great time as we played different improvised games and had lots of good laughs.


Japan society @ UEA is probably one of the most friendly and fun societies to join. If you like learning anything Japan-related and making new friends then this is the right place for any UEA student.

Are you interested in Japanese culture? Share your experience & comment below. Cheers ~


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