Recently one of my friends had her birthday so we went to town to celebrate and have fun shopping.


We went to the biggest shopping mall in Norwich to check out the latest fashion trends and see all the sales. During Christmas time we as most students on a budget would always love to see the sign ‘SALE’ around us. :’D


I bought this red hat for only £3. It should have costed £8 if it hadn’t been for the winter sales. Wohoo! *o* I love it so much!


Wherever you look around you there are beautiful Christmas decorations, trendy clothes, shiny jewelry, expensive leather goods and anything you could think of. My friends and I went and bought other clothes from different stores and spent all our money.WP_20141218_033 WP_20141218_038

One thing is sure, shopping is fun and helps you deal with stress. Right? I am sure most girls would agree… until you see that your wallet becomes empty at the end of the day.