10 ridiculous things I used to believe as a kid


Kids’ logic is sometimes so creative and imaginative that makes adults laugh to tears. The most silly things I believed are that:

1) Clouds are made of cotton

2) After 2 years I will become as old as my sister and after 3 years I will finally be the elder sister…

3) Santa Claus exists but never gets it right! I never received the presents I wanted.

4) Babies are born when people kiss on the lips

5) The heart has a shape of ❤

6) If I ate the the pit of a cherry then a cherry tree would grow inside me

7) If I touched a frog I would get scabies

8) When I lost my first tooth, it would never grow back

9) Soup was cooked from flowers

10) The earth was flat

I used to be a very stubborn kid that would often argue with everyone who disagreed. Nowadays, I’m glad I was fighting for my beliefs since this made me make my own research about something and find the right answer myself rather than just easily accept what others think is right. 🙂 Have you ever believed in something silly only to find out it was wrong? But what if you were right? Best is to research the answer, isn’t it?


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