Being your own responsibility


Nowadays, young people reach a phase of life when they are nobody’s responsibility but their own. Perhaps your family has recently left you to fight in this world on your own, to make your own living, live independently and get the things you need yourself. On the other hand, you are considered too young to raise children and settle your own family. So in this phase of life you are no longer a child but you are not quite accepted as an adult by society. You’re a young person, oh the struggle of being a young person.

Unlike in the past, the norm today is to be an independent person and young people are put under pressure to constantly prove their independence in society. Young people are pressured to learn how to swim on their own, to establish their personality, and set their beliefs. The problem is that nobody likes being on their own. We are social creatures that have the need to interact with one another and establish meaningful relationships. We need to feel loved and give love. So when you are a young person you no longer live with your parents, so family love becomes a love from a distance. On the other hand, you are not married nor living with someone you love, so you are still being alone.

Perhaps everyone has their own way of dealing with loneliness but to me nothing on Earth compares with the love between a husband and wife and the love between parents and their children.

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