Work hard, play hard!

A few days ago I successfully passed my nursing interview at the hospital. My mentor was extremely pleased with my work, the skills I had obtained and the knowledge I had to back up my practical skills. I scored 83 marks out of 100! I feel so happy!WP_20150127_014

The next day I went to town to treat myself something nice. As I was looking around for a nice place to eat I spotted a Japanese restaurant called ‘Shiki’.


As I entered, a smiling Japanese man greeted me and handed me the menu. Since it was lunch time I ordered green tea and a bento lunch box which came with miso soup. I had the chance to order two of the side dishes in the bento from the list.WP_20150126_002

So here is how the lovely and aromatic bento looks like. Just brilliant! I got sashimi (raw seafood) and fried ebi (fried king prawns).


I had to wait no more than 10 min to get my order. The fish was fresh and tasty. The salad was really well seasoned. I loved the slightly pickled cucumbers. The miso soup had tofu (soya cheese) which I didn’t expect but, hey, miso is known to have various ingredients.WP_20150126_005

Overall, I would give the restaurant an Excellent since the food was very tasty and beautifully presented, the order was speedy, atmosphere was friendly and the prices were affordable. I’m pleased with my experience. 🙂

How do you guys treat yourself after achieving high scores at school or work?

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