Spotted on campus

Everyone on campus is so busy  with lectures, work, events. Among the tons of concrete, however. . .


. . .our campus is actually constantly changing. What I love about UEA is the abundance of flowers and green areas.

 WP_20150223_014WP_20150223_012  WP_20150223_018

What I hate though is that the weather is always unpredictable. One morning you will wake up and see the sun shining.


Then during the evening wind and thunders will strike out of nowhere.



And then the next morning the weather will pretend nothing happened.



During the winter months you will get the weirdest snow ever.WP_20150129_019WP_20150129_024 WP_20150129_022 WP_20150129_023

And then the next day the sun will destroy all the evidence making you feel like it’s summer.WP_20141010_021

Another lovely aspect of UEA is that you’re surrounded by wild life. So far I’ve seen rabbits everywhere, squirrels everywhere, a lost hedgehog in halls, cows, dogs, foxes, and last but not least a wide variety of birds including swans.


Welcome to University of East Anglia – where boredom ends and fun begins.


Life Update

Recently I’ve been so busy with my clinical placement, my assignments and my part-time job that I’ve barely had the chance to reflect on my life and things around me.

So how have I been?

I spent Valentine’s Day on duty on a busy ward. It was a long and lonely day filled with many tasks and not enough staff. I was just thinking about a book which I saw recently and I though I should buy it hahaha . . . I just missed my boyfriend a lot.


The week after I spent in surgical theaters where I learned so much about the human body. It’s amazing how surgeries can help people walk again, live longer, get rid of pain and have a positive change in their life. I gained an insight into the role of a ‘scrub nurse’ and also nurses in the Post-operative recovery unit. Personally, I liked my experience and I might become a ‘scrub ‘nurse’ in the future. 😀 I like how fun and exciting it can be to work with brainy surgeons as well as other nurses.

*lunch break in the kitchen*

Last but not least, a group of friends and I celebrated the birthday of a friend. I decided to give my best and bake a cake with whipped cream and strawberries. I’m happy with the result.


Here’s a link to the recipe. Comment below if interested about my placement experience. 🙂 xoxo



On the 5th of February, there was an interesting campaign going on in the Square at University of East Anglia called #GoatsForVotes. So what’s the big fuss all about?

Well, obviously the time for General Elections in the UK has come again and young students are encouraged to vote. Why? Because, sadly, only about a half of the young British population actually has registered to vote.WP_20150205_004

The provocative campaign though encourages students to register to vote in the General Election which will be held on 7th of May 2015. British citizens will have their say whether the Conservative party, lead by David Cameron,the Labour party, lead by Ed Miliband or the Liberal Democrats party lead by Nick Clegg will win the political race.WP_20150205_008 1

Unfortunately, I cannot vote in the election as I’m not a British citizen nor do I have a Permanent Residence card yet. But on, click here, you can find useful information about who can actually vote in the General Parliamentary Elections, UK this year.

So, if you have the right to vote what’s stopping you from taking part in the decisions which will affect your future? Are you going to be indifferent like a goat or get up and vote? Who do you think is going to win? Comment below 🙂

Life is raw, it’s time to cook it!

Cooking for myself has always been a challenging, time- and money-consuming task. However, life taught me a few simple lessons about food.

1) It should taste good

2) It should look good

3) It should be good for your health


First of all, whatever you’re cooking it should be tasty and keep the hunger away, right!? The majority of people would agree that even the most attractive looking food which tastes bad will go nowhere further than the bin.

WP_20150203_006 WP_20150203_011

Secondly, when you serve food  it’s important to make it look nice. If your food doesn’t look appetizing your brain will associate it with unpleasant experience. If what’s on your plate,however, pleases not only your stomach but your eyes too then you have done a brilliant job in the kitchen. From time to time, you really have to put your heart into it.


Thirdly, even if ,for example, buying fresh vegetables is a bit more expensive you should still buy what’s good for your health. After all, being a student is hard enough with all the assignments and exams to do, therefore, food is one of the small pleasures to enjoy. Moreover, eating cheap junk food all the time will make you gain weight, feel exhausted and even depressed.


But let’s face it, cooking is difficult, especially, when you have no time and limited resources. Whenever I enter the kitchen I think to myself ‘Here we go again, another disaster is going to come’. I feel discouraged because of my limited cooking ability but I always give my best to try something new. I’m not afraid of mistakes. I learn through practice. Of course, you will get the times when you over-burn or boil something over. It happens, but don’t give up and keep trying to learn what works the best for your taste! 🙂

 WP_20140823_034 WP_20150101_006 WP_20150125_003 WP_20150202_007

*Note: All pictures and the food are made by me. *-*