Life is raw, it’s time to cook it!

Cooking for myself has always been a challenging, time- and money-consuming task. However, life taught me a few simple lessons about food.

1) It should taste good

2) It should look good

3) It should be good for your health


First of all, whatever you’re cooking it should be tasty and keep the hunger away, right!? The majority of people would agree that even the most attractive looking food which tastes bad will go nowhere further than the bin.

WP_20150203_006 WP_20150203_011

Secondly, when you serve food  it’s important to make it look nice. If your food doesn’t look appetizing your brain will associate it with unpleasant experience. If what’s on your plate,however, pleases not only your stomach but your eyes too then you have done a brilliant job in the kitchen. From time to time, you really have to put your heart into it.


Thirdly, even if ,for example, buying fresh vegetables is a bit more expensive you should still buy what’s good for your health. After all, being a student is hard enough with all the assignments and exams to do, therefore, food is one of the small pleasures to enjoy. Moreover, eating cheap junk food all the time will make you gain weight, feel exhausted and even depressed.


But let’s face it, cooking is difficult, especially, when you have no time and limited resources. Whenever I enter the kitchen I think to myself ‘Here we go again, another disaster is going to come’. I feel discouraged because of my limited cooking ability but I always give my best to try something new. I’m not afraid of mistakes. I learn through practice. Of course, you will get the times when you over-burn or boil something over. It happens, but don’t give up and keep trying to learn what works the best for your taste! 🙂

 WP_20140823_034 WP_20150101_006 WP_20150125_003 WP_20150202_007

*Note: All pictures and the food are made by me. *-*

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