On the 5th of February, there was an interesting campaign going on in the Square at University of East Anglia called #GoatsForVotes. So what’s the big fuss all about?

Well, obviously the time for General Elections in the UK has come again and young students are encouraged to vote. Why? Because, sadly, only about a half of the young British population actually has registered to vote.WP_20150205_004

The provocative campaign though encourages students to register to vote in the General Election which will be held on 7th of May 2015. British citizens will have their say whether the Conservative party, lead by David Cameron,the Labour party, lead by Ed Miliband or the Liberal Democrats party lead by Nick Clegg will win the political race.WP_20150205_008 1

Unfortunately, I cannot vote in the election as I’m not a British citizen nor do I have a Permanent Residence card yet. But on electoralcommission.org.uk, click here, you can find useful information about who can actually vote in the General Parliamentary Elections, UK this year.

So, if you have the right to vote what’s stopping you from taking part in the decisions which will affect your future? Are you going to be indifferent like a goat or get up and vote? Who do you think is going to win? Comment below 🙂

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