Life Update

Recently I’ve been so busy with my clinical placement, my assignments and my part-time job that I’ve barely had the chance to reflect on my life and things around me.

So how have I been?

I spent Valentine’s Day on duty on a busy ward. It was a long and lonely day filled with many tasks and not enough staff. I was just thinking about a book which I saw recently and I though I should buy it hahaha . . . I just missed my boyfriend a lot.


The week after I spent in surgical theaters where I learned so much about the human body. It’s amazing how surgeries can help people walk again, live longer, get rid of pain and have a positive change in their life. I gained an insight into the role of a ‘scrub nurse’ and also nurses in the Post-operative recovery unit. Personally, I liked my experience and I might become a ‘scrub ‘nurse’ in the future. 😀 I like how fun and exciting it can be to work with brainy surgeons as well as other nurses.

*lunch break in the kitchen*

Last but not least, a group of friends and I celebrated the birthday of a friend. I decided to give my best and bake a cake with whipped cream and strawberries. I’m happy with the result.


Here’s a link to the recipe. Comment below if interested about my placement experience. 🙂 xoxo


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