Spotted on campus

Everyone on campus is so busy  with lectures, work, events. Among the tons of concrete, however. . .


. . .our campus is actually constantly changing. What I love about UEA is the abundance of flowers and green areas.

 WP_20150223_014WP_20150223_012  WP_20150223_018

What I hate though is that the weather is always unpredictable. One morning you will wake up and see the sun shining.


Then during the evening wind and thunders will strike out of nowhere.



And then the next morning the weather will pretend nothing happened.



During the winter months you will get the weirdest snow ever.WP_20150129_019WP_20150129_024 WP_20150129_022 WP_20150129_023

And then the next day the sun will destroy all the evidence making you feel like it’s summer.WP_20141010_021

Another lovely aspect of UEA is that you’re surrounded by wild life. So far I’ve seen rabbits everywhere, squirrels everywhere, a lost hedgehog in halls, cows, dogs, foxes, and last but not least a wide variety of birds including swans.


Welcome to University of East Anglia – where boredom ends and fun begins.

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