1. Shoes inside homes – In my home country Bulgaria it’s a taboo to walk with shoes inside your own or someone else’s home. Shoes are considered dirty and contaminated. So when I came to the UK I was a bit shocked that people would walk with their shoes inside their homes and even on carpets. On the contrary, occasionally they would walk outside barefoot or just wearing socks for ‘a fag’ (to smoke a cigarette).


2. Sinks have two taps – There is nothing more frustrating than washing your hands with very hot or very cold water. It’s simply drys your skin. Filling the sink with water from both taps is the only option to get warm water but it takes too long, makes the sink dirty and wastes more water.WP_20150303_001

3. Silent letters (in bold) – They are the letters that are part of a word but not pronounced when the word is spoken. A perfect example would be the word ‘queue‘ – you write 5 letter but pronounce only the first one! Other examples include debt, plumber, autumn, listen, hour, talk, wrist, foreign, know, mortgage, guard etc.

4. Fitted carpets everywhere – British people love carpets! Why? I have no idea. Fitted carpets are so wide spread and popular in England that people don’t even realize how out of place they look sometimes. I’ve seen fitted carpets in most if not all houses/apartments, as well as in many public areas including banks and shops. The reason I dislike fitted carpets is that they are difficult to clean, yet people constantly walk with their shoes on them.WP_20150303_008

5. Obsession with fire doors – Fire door here, and there, and everywhere! Opening them feels like pushing 10 kg.

puriclub_edited_imaged0f6a914-f87e-4587-a7e8-14a8d2e621d4Comment below for anything you find weird about Britain 😀