OK, I passed my communication essay and my exams for Module 1 of my 1st Year in Nursing! Now I need to focus on the exams of Module 2 which are also my final exams for the year. These include OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination), Calculations of medications, Assessment of practice and my Portfolio. I’m glad I’ve made it all the way here but I’m also terrified that it will become more intense and challenging from now on. Even though in my first year I don’t have an exam in Anatomy we already need to study and prepare for the anatomy exam which will be at the end of my 2nd year.


Studying Anatomy is not for the faint-hearted. One thing that I find difficult is keeping myself motivated to study it mostly because of all the information that we have to comprehend. It’s just too much! It gives you a sense of pride to have the knowledge of how things work but it can also be terrifying to learn about what can go wrong in your body and all the terrible diseases and conditions a human being can develop or be born with.


I really hope I can manage to learn it all and pass my exam next year. Just thinking about it makes me wanna cry. . .  Halp, someone!


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