I dare you! a night in the library.

WP_20150327_00100:04 So…I decided that I will study about lumbar decompression with discectomy and spinal fusion, and that by the crack of dawn I will write a 3000 words essay. I have never been so wrong. The moment I crawled out of my warm cosy bed to put clothes and shoes on, I regretted my decision. Luckily, I live only a 2 min walk (basically, I just climb a staircase) away from the library@UEA.


01:18 Why is it so dark and lonely in here? It’s exams time people! Wake up!


02:13 Darn it! It’s bloody cold!

WP_20150327_013 103:28 My eyes are so sleepy… What on earth was I reading about!?

WP_20150327_00704:42 My laptop is running low on battery. Oh, wait, I forgot my adapter. Well, f.

05:16 Battery finally died. My job here is done! Overall, I actually wrote 465 words and managed to make a presentation which is due after Easter break. I feel so proud of myself I could tap myself on the shoulder.

WP_20150327_02105:25 Saying goodbye to all the books I didn’t read!

Would you dare to spend a night in the library? Comment below.


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