Guide to what makes a girl happy

1. Let’s begin with FOOD. I fulfil my duty to food at least 3 times a day….chocolate has always been there for me to wipe away my tears (all those upcoming exams make me cry), cake – to take away the bitterness of stress, and my new-found love – bacon with fries. Food makes my tongue jump happily satisfied with its victory.


2. SHOPPING – a pair of shoes, clothes or accessories bring my smile back immediately! Simple and fast, just swipe that debit card. Girls need to feel pretty.


3. COMPLIMENTS – “Beautiful”, “Cute” or any of that kind will work to brighten my mood. 😉

4.  HUGS make my heart beat faster while tiny butterflies giggle happily in my stomach. I need hugs to survive the day….otherwise the butterflies will be sad and gloomy. . . It’s not nice to leave them gloomy…mine have already become chronically depressed due to lack of hugs. If you’re my friend and meet me somewhere, please give me one of your hugs. :’)

5. Be my BEST FRIEND! This one needs no explanation…

In case of best friend missing, I always have a solution: more food! 🙂 Therefore, a girl’s happiness is guaranteed for life! 😉 You might think I’ve set my ‘happiness bar’ way too low…but really…why make life complicated!?


Fancy a cuppa?

Afternoon tea usually includes tea and cake between 4-6 pm. In Norwich there are various places you could go but I would stay away from posh and expensive tea rooms/houses, unless you’re having a wedding and you want something very special. For a relaxed afternoon with a friend I would definitely recommend Biddy’s Tea Room.


To avoid unnecessary waiting do make a reservation at their website. Bookings can be made every hour from 10am to 4pm every day.Just e-mail

Prices are very much affordable, around 5~6 pounds per person for a pot of tea along with a large piece of cake or a scone with jam and cream.


The interior is vintage, cute and unique. It does remind me of Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.


I had Black Vanilla Tea and was quite pleased with it. I am very thankful to my friend for suggesting the place. I had a great time!

 11158032_606271776176305_291173114_n - Copy

Have you tried Afternoon Tea? Share your experience in the comment section below 🙂

Who said it always rains in England!?

Everyone’s been enjoying the pleasant sunshine in Norwich recently. Oh, feels so nice to be outside! Daffodils are in full bloom now. This post is just to share some of the beauty on campus at UEA.



The square is filled with lots of students who are simply sunbathing, chatting or enjoying a snack outside. WP_20150413_011

Fun activities you can do on the green fields include: BBQ, football, lacrosse, frisbee, jogging, reading a book, picnic, dating, photography or simply taking a nap. Nothing can compare to a good nap.


Trees are in full bloom as well. I’m sorry for the people who suffer from hay fever though.WP_20150414_059 1

A walk around the lake can be super therapeutic and stress-relieving for your preoccupied mind.WP_20150414_052

I’m in love with the GREEN.WP_20150414_068

Have you guys done anything fun outside recently? Comment below! 🙂

Bulgarian folkore

On April 4th 2015 Bulgaria and other Eastern Orthodox Christianity countries celebrated Lazarus Saturday known as the day before Palm Day.

According to the Christian tradition, Lazarus was a friend of Jesus who died and 4 days later was ressurected from the dead by Jesus. Lazarus Saturday is named after Lazarus from the Bible, however, today Lazarus Saturday in Bulgaria has a love-marriage focus.

WP_20150404_026 On that day in Bulgaria young unmarried girls dressed in traditional Bulgarian clothing sing folk songs from house to house wishing blessings for good health, fertility and family wellbeing. The host is expected to put money in a basket as thanks and a sign of generosity. There is a superstition that if a girl has not participated in this tradition she will not be able to find a husband. In the past, guys would propose on Lazarus Saturday to the girl they love.

On Palm Sunday, they day after Lazarus Saturday, people celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus in Jerusalem, as well as the bloom of flowers and trees.

WP_20150405_046People named after flowers celebrate this day as their name day.

WP_20150405_040There are performances organized in every town and village where people dress in traditional clothes to sing folk songs and perform traditional dances.


The spirit of these celebrations is very cheerful because people eagerly prepare for Easter which is the most important celebration of the year.

What types of celebrations do you have in your country? Comment below 🙂 . . . and happy celebrations!

Back home!


The distance between London, UK and Sofia, Bulgaria is roughly 2400 km. The flight takes 3 hours. My family was thrilled to welcome me back home after 9 months of separation. I was happy I was home.


So what do students do during the holidays when they are back home? Here are 5 things almost every student does back home:

1. Eat homemade food

2. Catch up with old friends

3. Go shopping

4. Travel

5. Visit relatives


What do you do when you go back home? Comment below 🙂