Guide to what makes a girl happy

1. Let’s begin with FOOD. I fulfil my duty to food at least 3 times a day….chocolate has always been there for me to wipe away my tears (all those upcoming exams make me cry), cake – to take away the bitterness of stress, and my new-found love – bacon with fries. Food makes my tongue jump happily satisfied with its victory.


2. SHOPPING – a pair of shoes, clothes or accessories bring my smile back immediately! Simple and fast, just swipe that debit card. Girls need to feel pretty.


3. COMPLIMENTS – “Beautiful”, “Cute” or any of that kind will work to brighten my mood. 😉

4.  HUGS make my heart beat faster while tiny butterflies giggle happily in my stomach. I need hugs to survive the day….otherwise the butterflies will be sad and gloomy. . . It’s not nice to leave them gloomy…mine have already become chronically depressed due to lack of hugs. If you’re my friend and meet me somewhere, please give me one of your hugs. :’)

5. Be my BEST FRIEND! This one needs no explanation…

In case of best friend missing, I always have a solution: more food! 🙂 Therefore, a girl’s happiness is guaranteed for life! 😉 You might think I’ve set my ‘happiness bar’ way too low…but really…why make life complicated!?


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