Conservatives won, now what!?

On 8 May 2015 it was officially announced that the Conservative Party has won majority and secured 331 seats. Bellow is a map of the election results:

The Telegraph (2015)

So after the elections are over what will the near future of England be shaped like? The truth is, only time will show but here are some of the promises the new Tory government has made in its manifesto.

Conservatives (2015)

– Primary school place available for every child
– Lift the cap on university places
– Make Britain the best country in the world for developing maths, engineering, science and computing skills
– Introduce a national postgraduate loan system for taught
masters and PhD courses

– Create two million new jobs
– Support three million new apprenticeships
– National Minimum Wage should rise to £6.70 this autumn and over £8 by 2020
–  Make Britain the best place in Europe, and one of the top five
worldwide, to do business by 2020

Immigration control
– Stay in or leave the EU, with an in-out referendum
by the end of 2017
– Tougher requirements for non-EU spouses to join EU citizens, including with an income threshold and English language test
– If job seekers have not found a job within six months, they will be required to leave
– Satellite tracking for every foreign national offender

National Health Services (NHS)
– Spend at least an additional £8 billion by 2020 over to fund and support the NHS’s own action plan
– Ensure you can see a GP and receive the hospital care you need, 7 days a week by 2020
– Hospitals properly staffed, so that the quality of care is the same every day of the week
– Implement a national, evidence-based diabetes prevention programme

What are your thoughts on the outcome of the General Elections? Do you think the new government will improve  the quality of your life? Comment below 🙂


Conservatives (2015) Conservative Party Manifesto 2015 Available at: (Accessed: 9 May 2015)

The Telegraph (2015) Election 2015 results MAPPED: 2015 full list [Illis.] Available at: (Accessed: 9 May 2015)

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