Cooking ideas! for students

Hi, all! I just thought it would be nice if I share some of my favourite YouTube cooking channels and some easy but yummy recipes for students. So here it goes! 🙂

Roasted chicken with potatoes

NOTICE: I added chicken broth to prevent the whole dish from drying but put a bit too much! 😛

Recipe by the YouTube channel Laura in the Kitchen here:

Foil baked salmon with lettuce salad

Recipe by the YouTube channel April Mckinney Recipes here:

Curry and rice with tomato salad

Recipe by the YouTube channel Dave’s Kitchen here:
His new channel is: TheCooknShare

Japanese rice balls with filling (onigiri)

NOTICE: My onigiri is wrapped in cling film because I made them for going to placement. Just thought to mention in case you’re wondering why it looks so shiny. 😀 Anyway, you can improvise and put anything you like inside, such as bacon or vegetables.

Recipe by the YouTube channel Ochikoren here:

Tomato soup

Recipe by the YouTube channel Cooking4Students here:

I hope you enjoy cooking and have fun in the kitchen! 😉


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