Discover UEA!

Today there was an Open Day at UEA! Classmates from my course and me worked as Student Guides and were answering various questions about Health Sciences and Nursing in particular. I think it’s such a great opportunity for prospect students to explore UEA and gain an insight of what it is like being a student here. In relation to Nursing, people were mostly interested in what placement feels like, travelling to placement, accommodation, Student Finance, NHS Student Bursaries, and student life in Norwich.WP_20150620_008

Usually, people who would like to visit on an Open Day need to book a place in advance through the UEA website. Upcoming dates for an Open Day are: 4th July 2015, 12th September 2015 and 24th October 2015.

WP_20150620_003An open day might look something similar to this video posted by UEA on their YouTube page. Have a look here.


Nursing students are located at the Edith Cavell building which is about 15~20min walk from the centre of campus but there is,usually, a free bus on Open Days for visitors. At Edith Cavell Building there were different talks about the different courses and what the university has on offer, including Nursing Sciences (Adult, Child, Mental Health and Learning Disabilities), Midwifery, Operating Department Practice, and Paramedic Sciences.


In addition, Health Sciences includes courses in Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy which are located at the Queen’s Building on Main Campus.

WP_20150620_001Lastly, but not least, Medicine is also a great course available at UEA. Medical students are located at the Norwich Medical School (Medical Building) on main campus.

To sum up, I would strongly recommend booking your place for an Open Day and discover what UEA has on offer for you! Everyone is really friendly and helpful, and student guides including me received very positive feedback from visitors at the end of the day.

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