To begin with, last week I had my OSCE and my SafeMedicate exams. All the preparation and reading I’d done showed great results! I’m pleased to say I passed all my 1st year exams. The only things left are my final 2 weeks of placements (6 shifts to go) and to hand in my portfolio. me

I always believe there is chance for improvement and even though my results are good, they can always be better next time! Regarding my placement, I’ve had challenges and weak areas to work on which I didn’t knew about before. However, it’s good to get an honest feedback because this will eventually make me a better team player and a better nurse. Currently, I’m working on some final bits and pieces of documents I need to hand in before I officially finish the academic year. WP_20150709_001

It’s been a pleasure UEA, to have studied so hard, however, I can’t wait for the summer vacation to come! 😛 My friend and I treated ourselves with cheap pizza, crisps and doughnuts because we passed our exams. And there goes my diet…:D 1500 calories in one go. Anyway, will avoid junk foods as usual.pizza

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