After finishing year 1 of Nursing school I feel that I have grown up and learned so much. Working at a local hospital has been a truly great experience which helped me understand the role of nurses and other healthcare professionals much better. Working with others in a team helped me reflect on my own attitude and weaknesses. Asking for feedback and advice turned out well at the end because I was able to acknowledge my own flaws and work really hard on improving myself. As a result my performance improved significantly.

The academic aspect of nursing school has been helpful, however, I felt that as a student I was left to learn greatly on my own. There is though plenty of people to ask for advice and guidance,such as, personal advisers, lecturers, link lecturers, the LTS Hub, Dean of Student;s Office etc.

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In terms of social life, I have been lucky enough to make friends and enjoy social activities, such as, societies, parties and meetings. The diversity of people is amazing and the chance of coming across with someone who has similar interests to yours is quite high.

Overall, there have been challenges but the positives do outweigh the negatives, hence, studying for one year here has not been in vain. I am looking forward to the four weeks of summer break and then going back to university for my second year. I hope that the experience from year one will have adequately prepared me for year two and my future.