The Cape of Inubo, Japan

Recently, I went on a trip to Chōshi (銚子市), a city located in Chiba prefecture of Japan.
It takes only 2-3 hours to reach Choshi with a train from Tokyo. The fare (one way) costs between 11 to 22 pounds.
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To see the ocean you need to go to Inubo station  by local electric line/train which is almost 100 years old.
THE CAPE OF INUBO (犬吠埼 ) reveals a picturesque view of the Pacific ocean. It is also surrounded by a forest making it a popular tourist attraction.

Inubōsaki Lighthouse (犬吠埼燈台) located on the cape of Inubo was built in the 19th century with the help of the British engineer Richard Henry Brunton.

There are Japanese style hotels (ryokans) nearby where you can take a rest, enjoy local food and japanese hot springs (onsen). I really enjoyed watching the ocean while bathing in an open air hot spring at Umi to mori ryokan. In onsen you need to take a shower before entering and also remove all of your clothes. No swimsuits are allowed but you can take a small towel with you. Onsen are gender separated.WP_20150808_017

You can also enjoy drinking tea and eating local snacks (wagashi or rice cakes) while staying at a ryokan.


The menu consists of Japanese dishes and, occasionally,some Western dessert/dish. Raw or grilled fish, beef, tofu, rice, salads and pickled vegetables are the foods I encountered the most. Soy sauce replaces salt, and fish stock is the base of most soups. Seaweed is commonly used as well. Everything was fresh and yummy.

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I really enjoyed my trip and would love to go there again in the future.


2 thoughts on “The Cape of Inubo, Japan

  1. It looks amazing! My boyfriend went to Japan for nearly three weeks last summer and loved it. I saw all his photographs, it’s incredible how varied this country is. They’ve got incredible mountains, the oceans, quiet places and well as really busy cities… Have a good time! 😀


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