I just got back to Norwich and feel re-charged for 2nd year of Nursing school.

My new home

Capture jj

To begin with, I had to move out of university accommodation and move all my luggage to my new privately rented shared house. I’m going to have three more flatmates who are good friends of mine and we all have individual bedrooms. The house is a bit far from campus (20 min with a bike), however, it is really cosy and cheap compared to other places (220 pounds [excluding bills] per month for my tiny room). In addition, it is only 5 minutes walk from a large convenience store where everything is really cheap.


hidden wardrobe on the right

What can I say… I Iove pink, obviously! 😀

I was glad to meet my furry neighbour who hangs around. I really love cats and this one is amazingly friendly.


The first thing I cooked when I came back was, of course, mussaka and tarator for my best friend who helped me so much in the past week. I feel so lucky that we both speak the same native language and we can truly understand each other and help one another.

tarator and mussaka

What’s next!? Well, I start lectures after one week on 14 September. Eeek! Time flies so fast!