4 TOP reasons to go to an OPEN DAY! = Cheerful day! @UEA

I really love it when there are open days @UEA! That’s when the campus becomes busy and lively. I like when there are more people around. It makes things more cheerful. There are four reasons why you should go to an open day before you decide to study here.WP_20150912_040

  1. Distinctive architecture – a brilliant mixture of urban buildings and greenery scenes. Definitely gives you the feeling of being in a mini city with everything you need is within a 5 minutes walk. Some say it feels like being in the Matrix! – once you get the hang of it, you will know how to navigate super quickly. Recently UEA opened the UK’s greenest commercial building – The Teaching and Enterprise Centre.
    photo source: http://www.building.co.uk/uks-greenest-commercial-building-opens/5076109.article


  2. Friendly atmosphere – everyone here is really friendly and helpful. That’s something you need to experience only by visiting. UEA is ranked as third for student satisfaction in the country. (National Student Survey, 2014). It has always been in the top 5 universities for student satisfaction in England for the last ten years.WP_20150912_027WP_20150912_020
  3. Find out more about your course! Considering you will be taking a student loan of 9,000 pounds per year, I highly recommend you find out more about the structure and content of your course in order to be 100% sure you are making the right decision.   WP_20150912_026WP_20150912_025
  4. The Library is simply AWESOME! It’s open 24/7 and it offers everything you need. It’s literally my favourite place on campus. You have FREE Wi-Fi, plenty of books, computers, group and individual study rooms, a DVD collection of movies you can rent if you are bored and much more.WP_20150912_031  WP_20150912_035
    So what are you waiting for? Come and check it out for yourself. The next Open Day is on 24th October 2015 so don’t miss it! For bookings check UEA’s website here.

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