Wound Healing Process

Wound care is an essential part of nursing. Understanding the wound healing process is the key to accurately assessing wounds and choosing the right wound dressing for your patients.

It all begins with the skin. It’s the largest organ of the human body which plays the role of a barrier against bacteria, as well as heat and cold. A wound means there is a damage/injury to the skin. In response, our body begins the three-staged process of wound healing straight away.

INFLAMATIONStage 1 is called the INFLAMMATORY phase. This is the time when the bleeding stops and a blood clot, also knows as fibrin, begins to form in order to prevent blood loss. Depending on the depth and size of the wound, the inflammatory phase may last from a few hours to a few days in severe cases. During this phase the injured area may become red, swollen, warm and very tender or painful. This is partly due to the fact that a process known as phagocytosis (white blood cells eat invasive bacteria) has begun to prevent infection.

PROLIFERATIVE .pngStage 2 is called the PROLIFERATIVE phase which is when your body is working to repair the damaged skin area. This means cells divide to fix all injured tissues and  blood vessels as the wound begins to close. Oxygen and vitamin C are necessary nutrients at this stage. Also, collagen ( a protein that forms connective tissue) and granulation tissue is formed to help the process. This phase lasts from a few days to a few weeks.


Stage 3 is the final REMODELLING phase when the newly formed collagen begins to restore the functions of the cells. This is the point where the collagen is remodelled and becomes stronger and more dense.  This stage lasts from a few weeks to a few months.

finalIt is important to remember that the wound healing stages overlap one another and very often scars or discolorations are the final result of the whole process. The skin after the wound has healed will be slightly less elastic and functional compared to the skin before the injury. The quality of the recovery depends on different factors, such as the severity of the injury, the nutrition available, any chronic conditions of the patient (for example, patients with diabetes experience a slower wound healing process), environmental factors, care provided for the wound and medications.

The digital drawings are created by me, while the information is based on notes from lectures. 🙂 Thanks for reading! Comment and share if you learned something new.


Nurse in the community Part 1

The weekend has again quickly slipped away.


I have just finished my first week of placement in the community. I will spend 2 weeks shadowing a Health Visitor and then 9 weeks with a District Nurse. The role of the Health visitor is very specific and important. Their main responsibility is to promote health and support families antenatally and postnatally. They work along with other health professionals, such as midwives, to help parents give the best start in life possible for their children.


Health visitors work together with other professionals to provide support for service users. For example:

~The Healthy Child Programme (children 0-5 year old) This is a government programme aiming to improve the health of children up to the age of 5. It offers screening tests, immunisations, developmental reviews, physical and emotional wellbeing of infants and children and making healthy choices. Health visitors, as part of the programme, also give advice on breastfeeding, putting your baby/child to sleep, nutrition, vitamins, immunisations, attachment, and play.


~ CONI (Care Of the Next Infant) – this programme is offered by the Lullaby Trust and is created to support parents who have lost a baby due to a SUDI (Sudden and Unexpected Death of an Infant). When these parents have a new baby they can get extra support from the trust and weekly visit from the Health Visitor. Also, their newborn is closely monitored and weight and temperature are measured more often. In addition, parents are supported in keeping a Daily Record of Symptoms of their newborn to prevent another SUDI. Parents can borrow apnoea (breathing) monitor which  alarms if a baby stops breathing.


~ MASH (Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub) is a safeguarding network for children which works to protect children from abuse and neglect. Health Visitors along with Social workers and other professionals have a responsibility to carry out risk assessments and protect children from harm. They need to determine whether parents have capacity and provide adequate care for their children. Parents are supported through counselling and meetings.

~ Other responsibilities of the Health Visitor include an assessment of the following factors: the child’s developmental needs, family and  environment, and parental capacity. Health Visitors give advice on parenting and make referrals to other professionals when more specialist support is needed. The most important skill of a Health Visitor is being a good listener and having excellent communication skills.



Friday night escape

A tough week of lectures and workshops at uni had passed so Friday night was my escape night! No essays, no stress no worries! Just fun! That’s how student life should really be…fun.


So last Friday (6th Nov ’15) there was a fireworks display in Norwich and I went out to see it with my friends.

After the fireworks we had kebabs on the go and headed for a local pub called The Glass House! It was really nice, lively and with excellent service. Turns out chips and Hooch is a great combination!


Even though Hooch is only 4% alcohol it still made me giggle! 😀 Or was it the excitement over the upcoming weekend!? #Ineedabreakmate

Autumn outfits


(´๑•_•๑)ノ~☆ファッションが好きですか? 私の秋のコーデイネートはどうですか?
Do you like fashion? What do you think of my autumn outfits/coordinate?

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Camel ribbed double stripe long sleeve top – New look
Black stretch slim leg trousers – New look
Black felt beret – New look
Blue check skinny scarf – New look
Black double breasted coat – H&M

Camel ribbed double stripe long sleeve top – New look
Heartbreak blue denim pinafore
Black felt beret – New look

Brown print long sleeve dress[Imported from Turkey] – D’SHE

Black and white checked top: FANGYUAN Fashion
High waisted blue jeans/denim shorts: no brand; origin China

Printed dress: Atmosphere (Primark)


Sound off – Jingle Punks
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