This time I will share with you a bit of the wonders I experienced when I came back home in Bulgaria for the holidays.

I arrived in Sofia on the 22nd of December and went shopping with my boyfriend who is now my husband. Yep, I got married this summer. Congratulations to me!!! 😀


The day after we went to Winery and Spa Starosel Hotel where we enjoyed hydromassage, sauna, swimming and eating fine Buglarian food. It felt like being in heaven and I really recommend it to anyone who would like to experience the highest quality of Bulgarian hospitality, food, Spa and wine. Have a glimpse in the pictures below:


On Christmas day I cooked a British inspired roast dinner but with chicken instead of turkey. And for dessert I made Christmas cookies which we decorated together and had lots of fun! Everyone really liked it which made me so happy!P1300932


This is the first Christmas my husband and I are celebrating as a family and I wish for 2016 to have even more happy moments together like this! Life is so beautiful when you’re in love! 🙂