New Year’s Resolution 2016

Ok, so last year I made a resolution list and completed 9/10.

So this year I will set the bar a bit higher. So here it goes:

  1. Move out from my current house and sign a new contract
  2. Pass 2nd year of Nursing at UEA without any fails
  3. Learn 440 kanji (grade 1, 2 and 3), I know about 80 so this leaves me with 360 new kanji to learn. That’s about 1 kanji every day. Hopefully, I will gain a wider Japanese vocabulary along too.
  4. Travel to Japan if I pass my exams and don’t do any re-sitsWP_20151223_015[1]
  5. Help my husband learn Bulgarian well enought to make simple conversation
  6. Learn the basics of Pilates
  7. Continue making youtube videos and actually start speaking in my vidoes. I’m still too shy to do that. I will aim for about 50 videos per year
  8. Get 15,000 views on my blog. This year so 2015 far I have reached 10,231 views which is good but not great.
  9. Manage my budget and finances betterInstagramCapture_cf7a9a84-4877-47f1-a470-3ee6bad3acd2[1]
  10. Be a better person


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