Stay healthy with YOGA!

I love being active! I mostly work out by walking, cycling and since recently doing yoga! According to the Department of Health (2009) staying active reduces the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, obesity, osteoporosis (brittle bones disease), depression and even dementia. Isn’t that amazing? The Department of Health advices everyone to do at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day, for example housework, jogging, cycling, swiming, dancing, gardening, brisk walking etc. And last but not least, staying active is proven to make you live longer!

Reference: Department of Health in partnership with OGDs (2009) ‘Be active. Be healthy – A plan for getting the nation moving‘ [online] Available at: (Accessed: 25/02/2016)


End of placement

I’ve almost finished my placement! Next week I’ll finally have time for myself, sleep longer and enjoy being a student and going to lectures. To be frank, I really enjoyed my placement and it was by far the best but I’m also excited to go back to lectures.

So in this week’s video I talk about what kind of documents you need for your summative interview and things to remember to get signed off before you leave your placement area.

So here are the learning outcomes for module 3:
Learning Outcome 1 – Recognise major risks and act quickly in an emergency to secure expert help
Learning Outcome 2 – Recognises indicators of unhealthy lifestyles
Learning Outcome 3 – Explore and contribute to practice based on an understanding of the impact of illness and disability
Learning Outcome 4 – Where relevant, apply knowledge of age and development when interacting with people
Learning Outcome 5 – Collect and interpret routine data, under supervision, related to the assessment and planning of care from a variety of sources
Learning Outcome 6 – Demonstrates ability to undertake health screening and referral assessment for individuals across lifespan
Learning Outcome 7 – Practice safe and holistic nursing to meet essential needs for people who are unable to meet their own
Learning Outcome 8 – Detect, record, report and respond appropriately to signs of deterioration or improvement in people’s health
Learning Outcome 9 – Safely apply a range of diagnostic skills and appropriate technology to assess the needs of individuals
Learning Outcome 10 – Discuss the benefits of health promotion within the contexts of individual and public health
Learning Outcome 11 – Explore and apply the concept of empowerment in nursing practice
Learning Outcome 12 – Recognising the importance of customer care

Here are the nursing attributes:





8 spring outfits ideas

Last week someone requested a spring outfits video! So I thought why not! I really like shopping from New Look because their designs are cute, stylish, elegant and comfortable. Not to forget students get 10-20% discount. To get a discount by just registering at my UNIDAYS and redeeming your online discount voucher. Which outfit do you like the most? Leave me comment below.