UEA campus tour!

What does UEA campus look like? UEA (University of East Anglia) has one of the best campus environments in the whole country. I really like my campus because it has plenty of green areas and it has everything I need all in one place.


Cost of living in England (Norwich)

Hi guys! I have made a little presentation to be used as a rough guide about living costs in the UK countryside area. London is much more expensive and I can’t say about it. I live in Norwich, Norfolk, UK and this is my estimate as a student studying at the University of East Anglia! Thank you for watching! Please, bare in mind that students don’t pay council tax and other taxes unless they work and earn a high profit. This video does not include tuition/university fees nor book costs or clothes costs. [2015/2016]

Life as an international student

I moved from Bulgaria to England around 2 years ago. I wanted to share my favourite things about living in the UK, although I mention some things that actually annoy me. For me, the positives outweight the negatives. This video shows my perception and my opinion, please don’t get offended in any way. My aim is to share my honest opinion as an international student. If you have things to add, please comment below. I would love to hear about things you like/dislike about the country you live in!