Cost of living in England (Norwich)

Hi guys! I have made a little presentation to be used as a rough guide about living costs in the UK countryside area. London is much more expensive and I can’t say about it. I live in Norwich, Norfolk, UK and this is my estimate as a student studying at the University of East Anglia! Thank you for watching! Please, bare in mind that students don’t pay council tax and other taxes unless they work and earn a high profit. This video does not include tuition/university fees nor book costs or clothes costs. [2015/2016]

4 Replies to “Cost of living in England (Norwich)”

  1. Book cost so much and I get the feeling that most people (including me, even now) don’t realise that they’ll either have to buy very experience textbooks and anthologies or tons of novels… On top of that, most students don’t get a free printing allowance.

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    1. 1. Im near the end of my 2nd year and I haven’t bought even 1 book!! but yeah people doing humanities end up buying tons of books…i wonder how will you guys carry them around when you need to move out??
      2. I get free printing about 5 pounds each month 🙂 nurses are given special care i guess


      1. Oh yes it sounds like it’s very different for you! But even people doing science based subjects or things like psychology need to buy expensive text books. I wonder the same haha. I’m not looking forward to ever moving my books, I’ve accumulated so much! I hope I can see all of them to other students or second hand book shops in Norwich.

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