Why I think the UK is stronger in the EU

I wanted to share my thoughts on the EU referendum and my personal opinion. I talk from the position of a future nurse, current student at the University of East Anglia and a Bulgarian citizen living in the UK. To sum up, I think the UK should remain because:
1. The Government has researched and analysed that it’s best for the UK to remain in the EU
2. The EU provides secure jobs for UK residents
3. The EU governs working conditions, provides security, economic stability and free trade
4. I don’t want the NHS to become privatised
5. The EU provides free or cheaper healthcare to all EU citizens, including Britons living in other EU countries
6. The EU provides greater and easier opportunities to study, work and live in different EU countries
7. The EU provides lower cost of life and higher quality of life for UK residents.

To see the Government’s document click here. (Last accessed: 13/04/16)

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