Day in London

Since I’m getting closer to the end of my 2nd year I’ve been thinking a lot lately where I want to be after I graduate. London has always attracted me with its urban lifestyle, dynamic environment and multicultural community. I have visited London before for a week each time but I was always guided by someone, so this time although only for a day, I challenged myself to visit again and be a guide instead. Since my husband came to visit me for a week I got us tickets to London and became my husband’s guide for a day. 🙂


We left from UEA at  around 7:50 am with megabus (£15 return ticket per person) and arrived at Victoria coach station around 10:30 am. We topped-up our Oyster cards and got on the tube from Victoria to Oxford circus. After a break in Starbucks and shopping in John Lewis we went to Waterloo station to hop on the London eye.


It cost £31 per preson for a 30 min ride but the queue wasn’t long and the weather was nice. Plus, we got to get a photo with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt whose figures were in the ticket collection office.




Overall, London is busy and expensive but it offers opportunities for work and development which no other city can offer. Hence, I strongly consider moving there in the near future. But above all I just want to be somewhere, anywhere with my husband together.


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