Life update

3 weeks ago I started my placement on a Haemathology and Oncology ward, hence I haven’t had the time to make videos. This post is going to be a quick life update.

Firstly, I passed my most difficult exams which is a great relief. Now I  just need to pass my Assessment of practice (placement assessment) and my progression meeting at the end of the year when my portfolio will be graded. Additionally, I am awaiting for the results of one of my essays.

Secondly, my placement has been really enjoyable so far due to the super friendly, supportive and hardworking staff. Studying about cancer and blood disorders has really made think about specialising into a certain role in the future, although I have not decided in which area to do so yet. The systemts of the human body that interest me the most are the cardio-vascular system, the lymphatic system and the immune system.



Overall, Module 4 has been the toughest module of all so far. I will update more next weekend with more details on my course and plans for the summer. I’ve been thinking of what to do during the summer vacation, however, I have not decided for sure.


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