update 2

As you may see I dyed my hair blonde. I’ve never done this before and I feel quite weird at the moment but a few people told me it actually looks nice. Yay or nay, there  is no going back.

Apart from that, I have officially passed all my exams so far including an essay which I failed in my previous module. I know writing is my weak side so I need to work even harder for my dissertation which will focus on cancer. I’m not quite sure what my topic will be but I will figure it out during the summer.

I’m curently doing my placement on an Oncology and Haematology ward, as I mentioned in my previous post. Additionally, I spent a week with a local mental health crisis team which consists of some awesome people. I learned a lot about mental health and applied the Mental Health Act in practice. For example, my spoke mentor and I had to go to court to get a warrant under section 135(1) for a patient who needed a mental health assessment.

Those who follow my blog know that I’m married and that my husband is Japanese. I was planning to go to Japan and spend the summer with my husband and my family in law but this hasn’t been confirmed yet…but I will definetly keep you updated.

What are your plans for the summer? Let me know in the comments below! Peace

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