Hi everyone! In this video I share my tips on how to survive 2nd year of nursing and becoming a more effective student, something I am far from but I’m getting there! 😀 Ask me questions in the comments below and I will answer them ASAP.

Second year assessments:
Module 3: Clinical report (Pass/Fail) and an Empowerment assignment 2500 words + artefact
+ Assessment of Practice
Module 4: Exams: A) Anatomy and Physiology (multipe choice, 20 questions), B) Nursing process (essay based on a scenario); C) Research paper and critical appraisal
+ Assessment of Practice
You also have a SafeMedicate exam which is simply drug calcuations/numeracy (forgot to mention)

EBL = Enquiry Based Learning
NICE = National Institute for Clinical Excellence (best practice guidelines)
COCHRANE library = literature review of research papers! GREAT STUFF!
NMC = Nursing and Midwifery Council (governs the nursing profession, obligations and duties for nurses)


What a day off for a nursing student looks like: Norwich

Hi guys, I’m a student nurse at the University of East Anglia (UEA). I live in Norwich and this is what a day off looks like for me. I went out with my dad to show him around Norwich. I hope you enjoy this video! Leave me some feedback in the comments below! ^_^

Visiting Norwich Cathedral

”The Cathedral has stood for over 900 years as a Christian presence in the heart of Norwich, Norfolk. It is a place of public worship and private prayer, of hospitality and education.”
Entrance: FREE of charge
Recommended donation: 5 pounds
Sunday’s services begin with a morning prayer at 07:30, followed by a holy communion at 08:00, sung eucharist at 10:30, evensong at 15:30 and an evening service at 18:30.

The Cathedral is a pleasant and peaceful place. Its architecture and history made me feel like I’m going back in time. I would visit again.

Summer Look Book

Hi guys! This is my summer look book and my favourite outfits for June/July. I love denim dresses, light shirts and maxi skirts. Let me know what your favourite outfits are.

6 tips for students when moving out!

I remember when I had to move out of halls last year and move into my current house. It was so dreadful to pack everything, get rid of old clothes and things I didn’t need anymore, to arrange electricity, internet etc.

  1. Do an inventory check. Make sure that you place all the furniture back to its original place. If something has broken due to wear and tear make sure you report it so you don’t get fined and lose some of your deposit. Change any broken lightbulbs if necessary. Some landlords charge £5 if you forget to do it. There will be an inspection by the letting agent and everything is expected to be in the same condition as it was when you moved in.
  2. Donate any clothes, shoes, bags and other things you don’t use anymore. There are plenty of charities you can donate to, like Oxfam, Shelter Eastern Counties and others. If you have leftover food like cans or unopened packages then make sure you don’t just throw it away but bring it to a local food bank. There are food banks in Tesco’s and Roys
  3. Pay your final bills. Call the utility suppliers and cancel further payments after you have moved out. If you have been paying an estimate then don’t forget to ask for a reimbursement if you have used less than what you’ve paid for.
  4. Clean all rooms and tidy up. Recycle any leftover cardboard.
  5. Return your key on time! There are extra charges if you forget to return your key in time.
  6. Ask for your deposit! Usually, that is the extra money you’ve paid when you’ve signed a contract.