Hi everyone! In this video I share my tips on how to survive 2nd year of nursing and becoming a more effective student, something I am far from but I’m getting there! 😀 Ask me questions in the comments below and I will answer them ASAP.

Second year assessments:
Module 3: Clinical report (Pass/Fail) and an Empowerment assignment 2500 words + artefact
+ Assessment of Practice
Module 4: Exams: A) Anatomy and Physiology (multipe choice, 20 questions), B) Nursing process (essay based on a scenario); C) Research paper and critical appraisal
+ Assessment of Practice
You also have a SafeMedicate exam which is simply drug calcuations/numeracy (forgot to mention)

EBL = Enquiry Based Learning
NICE = National Institute for Clinical Excellence (best practice guidelines)
COCHRANE library = literature review of research papers! GREAT STUFF!
NMC = Nursing and Midwifery Council (governs the nursing profession, obligations and duties for nurses)

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