My favourite places on campus ’17

1. The library is unsurprisingly on the top of my list. To begin with, it is filled with all the books I need (I have not bought a single book for the whole 3 years of my course 😀  *saving money, kind to the environment*). The library is my creative place where most of my coursework gets done. It’s comfortable, warm, modern and well-lit. The staff is really helpful and everything is kept clean and tidy.


2. Unio is a little heaven for students on a lunch break. There is always something in the hive too to cheer you up after a boring lecture. Just look at those pastries and cakes!


3. The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts is by far the most majestic place to feed your thirsty soul with art. There are events and exibitions happening all the time. Just keep checking for upcoming events and see if you fancy anything. Even The Queen herself popped in recently to see what’s it all about.her_majesty_the_queen_visit_to_sainsbury_centre_for_visual_arts01_website_image_gjlq_standardcourtesy of: Andy Sapey

4. Sportspark is a great place to work out, de-stress and stay healthy. There is a vast majority of sports you can do, from swimming to rock climbing.

courtesy of: Sportspark

5. The green areas are everywhere to make up for all the concrete buildings. Plus, you get fluffy bunnies hopping around as a bonus. You can enjoy picnic, yoga, jogging around the lake, or a BBQ with friends outside.

What are your favourite places?


One Reply to “My favourite places on campus ’17”

  1. I’m pretty much living in the library this year and love it so so so much! Like you, I’m also in love with the Sainsbury Centre — nothing really original there haha. I need to spend more time around the lake though 🙂

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