Sunday – Day 7 (FINAL)

Today’s menu:

Lettuce and cucumber salad with a fried egg and mushroom

Fried rice* with 2 eggs and a banana (*extra ingredient from my cupboard: rice)

Leftover fried rice with potatoes (sad)

Today was quite sad as I forgot to do a food shop and Aldi closed at 4 pm. All I have left is about 400 g of oats and a few small potatoes from the tin. I’m so glad this challenge is over. I think that I’ve lost about 3 pounds. I can’t wait to buy some fresh fruits and veggies tomorrow and eat whatever I want, as much as I want.

Overall, the challenge is manageable but you won’t be consuming normal healthy amounts of food, although it might be useful if you’re trying to lose weight. It’s something I wouldn’t recommend doing on long-term basis as you would become fed up and feel miserable quite quickly. Saving money from food should be done by buying everyday essentials, low-cost brands and discounted items, rather than restricting your food intake.


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