Live on £10 for a week: The student challenge

Recently, I read about the ‘Live on £10 a week’ challenge and I thought it would be quite easy for for me to achieve it as I don’t eat meat. To complete the challenge, I tactfully made a shopping list of all the ingredients I need. So here is what I bought:

My strategy was to use the same ingredients every single day and here is my Day 1 to Day 7 set menu:

BREAKFAST: 2 toasts with jam, a piece of fruit (apple or banana) and a cup of black coffee.


LUNCH: Fried potatoes with herbs, 2 fried eggs, salad, a toast and a cuppa.


DINNER: 3 bread pizzas, salad (optional) and a cuppa. To make the bread pizzas you spread a spoonful of olive oil, followed by a spoonful of pasta sauce on each slice and topping them up which grated cheddar cheese. You grill them in the oven for 10-15 min on 200° C until crispy.


The negative is that herbs, spices, olive oil, tea and coffee have not been counted in this challenge. The positive is that if you follow the set menu accordingly, you’ll end up with an excess of 4 pieces of fruit, 2 slices of bread, 1 egg and probably a bit of jam. What you might run out of before the week ends is the pasta sauce and the lettuce. Day 1/7 complete. Happy budgeting y’all!! xx


Sweet European pancakes


I love eating pancakes (AKA crepes) but it wasn’t until recently that I learned how to cook them! Yay! I spent a lovely evening with friends who taught me how to make the batter and how to flip the pancakes so they are cooked nicely on both sides. The recipe is simple and here is what you need to make 10-20 pancakes, depending on how thick you make them:

1) 200 g plain white flour
2)about 3 large eggs (4 small/medium eggs)
3) 600 ml milk
4) 1-2 tbs of sunflower oil
5) a pinch of baking soda
6) a pinch of sugar and salt (optional)
7) a drop of vanilla flavour (optional)
8) For cooking: unsalted butter or sunflower oil
9) For the filling: fruits, honey, chocolate, custard sugar, jam, cheddar cheese, feta cheese or whatever you fancy most

All you do is put all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix/whisk them well until smooth.
Then you heat a pan on high heat and use a bit of butter or sunflower oil to prevent sticking. Reduce the heat to medium and use a ladle to pour out some of the mixture. Once you see little bubbles forming, usually within a minute or two, you carefully use a spatula to flip the pancake. Don’t worry! The first one always breaks into peaces but if you repeat the same process a dozen times you’ll get the hang of it. When your pancakes are ready just fill them with your favourite fillings and enjoy them while still hot.

Healthy vegetarian meals

Welcome (back) to my blogspot! If you’ve been following my blogs you probably know I have recently started being a vegetarian. I must say I have been doing quite well and I have not had any cravings for the last month. I feel strong and healthy as usual. 🙂 So here are some of my favourite vegetarian meals:

  1. Vegetarian curry and rice with tomato soup and tea. I love curry and I make mine with 1/2 onion, 1 sweet potato, 1 carrot, some buttersquash and tomato sauce. I use a variety of spices, such as, medium curry, salt, pepper, paprika, ginger, parsley, garlic and thyme. I usually add greated cheese on top.  6tag_031116-212738
  2. Roasted sweet potato with cheese
  3. Vegetarian alternative (Quorn) gammon steaks with salad. To be honest I was dissapointed with the gammon ‘steaks’, however I highly recommend the Quorn mince meat alternative
  4. Vegetarian soup – basically add 1/2 onion, your favourite vegetables, your favourite spices, 1 vegetable stock cube and have it with some toast 🙂 Cures all colds, I tell you!
  5. Vegetarian burger – I love using a large flat mushroom which I fry in a pan without any cooking oil – just on its own. Then I put it between a bun with some tomato pesto or hummus, some feta cheese and some kale, wild rocket or lettuce. Perfectly healthy!9a6c16437740e3c41b7346788905226c.

Cooking spinach quiche & evening with friends

This vlog is all about how to cook a light fluffy spinach quiche & eating homemade food with my friends.

Light fluffy spinach quiche:
Shortcrust Pastry (375g)
4 eggs
250g spinach
1 medium onion
200g feta cheese (or mature cheddar)
150g Crème fraîche (or mayonnaise)
150ml double cream
100ml milk
salt & pepper to taste
How to cook:
pre-heat your oven to 200 degree C.
I think it’s a good idea to put your pastry over aluminium foil or baking paper so it doesn’t stick to the baking tray/dish, however you could use butter to prevent sticking too. I pre-baked my pastry shell for about 10 min. Make sure you poke the bottom with a fork so it doesn’t bloat. Meanwhile, wash your spinach and onion.
Slice the onion. Make your mixture by lightly beating 4 eggs, then add the Crème fraîche, double cream, milk, salt and pepper and mix. Then you just put layer of spinach at the bottom of the pastry, followed by a layer of onion, followed by a layer of cheese and you keep repeating until you reach the top. The final layer should be a layer of cheese. Finally, pour over the mixture and bake in the over for 45 minutes at 200 degrees C.

Afternoon tea at number 17

About a month ago my friend had her birthday party at a tea house called Afternoon Tea at number 17. 13094422_759429360860545_8042945030097749284_n

The owner is called Leanna and she had beautifully prepared a table for 8. The crockery and cutlery was fancy and exciting.

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My friend and I ordered a white tea pot with vanilla flavour to share and a piece of bluberry cake each for £5 per person. Others ordered delicous looking scones or a quiche.

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We didn’t have to wait long for our order to arrive which was great. We had plenty of time to chat in a fancy relaxing atmosphere. If you are wondering where to have your birthday party then Afternoon tea at Number 17 is a great place to enjoy. 🙂


BBQ with the Japan society at UEA

The Japan society at UEA (University of East Anglia) had its annual BBQ day by the lake. We welcome everyone interested in Japanese culture. We are a mixture of Japanese and non-Japanese people so all nationalities and ethnicities are welcome to join! You can make new friends, study Japanese and enjoy good time.

Christmas spirit

Hello there! It’s that time of the year when everything is focused around Christmas day and the winter holidays. Recently I made a video on how to decorate your Christmas pudding – a dessert traditionally served in Britain on Christmas day.

The history of the Christmas pudding dates back since medieval times. A recipe can be found here, although, there are different variations in each household. I just simply bought a ready pudding from the local supermarket and it was still delicious. The most basic pudding consists of dried fruits, nuts, breadcrumbs, eggs and some alcohol. The pudding is dried for a period from a few hours up to a few months and even one year. So if you have some pudding leftover from this Christmas you can perfectly keep it until next Christmas. 😀 Good luck in the kitchen!

Japan society

Are you a fresher? Wondering which society to join? If you like asian culture then join Japan society! This is my second year to be part of it and it’s really fun. You can learn Japanese language and culture by first hand experience. The membership for 1 year costs only £5. Join here:–2 Facebook page:

Last Monday we had a welcoming party for all Japan society members! More than 70 people came and it was great to catch up with old friends, as well as, meet new people.

WP_20151005_080 (3) ()

There was japanese food: okonomiyaki, onigiri and udon. The team worked all day to prepare the food which was great if you have never tried before.

WP_20151005_083 (2)

WP_20151005_086 (2)
So what is the society up to?

They are organising a few events:

1) First LCR(lower common room) social on 13 October 2015

Basically, the LCR is where all gigs and night parties are happening. The theme is Kids TV Fancy Dress Shindig. Link to event: The Japan society are planning on dressing as Japanese cartoon caracters.

2) Japan society are joining Go Global Party, held by the UEA Students Union, with a Soranbushi dance! The aim of Go Global Party is to celebrate and experience the richness of different cultures. The event will give you the chance to taste international food , see creative performances from around the world and learn more about other cultures.  For more information e-mail:

Have you joined any societies?

Back to UEA! First steps

I just got back to Norwich and feel re-charged for 2nd year of Nursing school.

My new home

Capture jj

To begin with, I had to move out of university accommodation and move all my luggage to my new privately rented shared house. I’m going to have three more flatmates who are good friends of mine and we all have individual bedrooms. The house is a bit far from campus (20 min with a bike), however, it is really cosy and cheap compared to other places (220 pounds [excluding bills] per month for my tiny room). In addition, it is only 5 minutes walk from a large convenience store where everything is really cheap.


hidden wardrobe on the right

What can I say… I Iove pink, obviously! 😀

I was glad to meet my furry neighbour who hangs around. I really love cats and this one is amazingly friendly.


The first thing I cooked when I came back was, of course, mussaka and tarator for my best friend who helped me so much in the past week. I feel so lucky that we both speak the same native language and we can truly understand each other and help one another.

tarator and mussaka

What’s next!? Well, I start lectures after one week on 14 September. Eeek! Time flies so fast!

Eat your catch!

Are you a fan of fishing? Considering the love of Britons for fish and chips, I thought it would be a good idea to recommend a great spot for anyone visiting Japan. I’m talking about the restaurant called ZAUO which is really popular among tourists, therefore, they have a menu in English. I went to their branch in Shinjuku, Tokyo.


Basically, you can catch your own fish and then the restaurant cooks it for you in the way you  like it: raw, grilled, boiled, fried, deep fried, sushi, in a soup etc.


If you fail to catch the fish you want you can still order it but it will be a bit more expensive. If you’re successful like me then you can enjoy eating your catch at a lower price than the market value. I like raw fish so here is how my catch ( a flounder) looked like ten minutes later.



At ZAUO you can also catch abalone, lobsters and other seafood.

grilled abalone hidden under the vegetables


horned turban shell

Something that I found bizarre and surprisingly tasty was that you can actually eat the bones of the fish. They simply deep fry the skeleton of the flounder and then it’s ready to eat!


Overall, the fish is fresh and catching it was fun. 🙂 I think if such a restaurant opens in England that would be great!